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So, you want to know how much?

We know you’re looking to find out how much it will cost to repair or replace a windscreen. Explained simply, the cost will depend on these three factors:

  1. What kind of damage has been done to the windscreen (is the glass chipped or cracked?)
  2. The piece of glass that is damaged (windscreens can be repaired but rear screens and side windows can’t be. They must be replaced)
  3. Whether your insurance policy covers you for windscreen and glass damage

Even in the worst cases we know we’ll be very competitively priced so the best thing to do is call us.

Save money – repair chips before it’s too late

You’ve seen the adverts on the telly. It’s true, if you have a small chip in your windscreen, don’t delay, because before you know it, that chip can turn into a big crack - and a crack can’t be repaired - so you will have to pay for a new windscreen, and that can get expensive. Don’t delay a minute longer and get on the phone to us now!

Free windscreen repairs!

Yep, we said free. From many insurers, chip repairs to windscreens are covered if you are fully comprehensively insured, so that means that you can get a chip in your windscreen repaired for free or, with some insurers, for a small excess. Either way, you need to get it done because if that chip turns into a crack it’s going to cost you a lot more – and we don’t like giving out bad news and big prices.

A couple of conditions when it comes to chip repairs...

Yep, there are a few conditions (of course!)

  1. The chip needs to be smaller than a £1 coin
  2. It’s can’t be within 10cm of the perimeter of your windscreen
  3. Your windscreen can’t be coated or heated

If you can put a tick next to each of those three then, in most cases we can quickly repair that chip for you very quickly and without fuss.

Get on the blower and call us – Wakefield 0192 4847833