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A windscreen repair claim through your insurance? Don’t worry.

Here at Wakefield Windscreens are fully insurance approved, that means that we work directly with most of the country’s major insurers. That also means that very often we can bill your insurance company directly on your behalf so there’s no time consuming messing about on your part, so there’s another benefit of dealing with us!

Want us to do the administrative graft for you?

We’re happy to. If you’d like us to make claim on your behalf then just let us know - we’re more than happy to do so. Just let us know when you call and make sure that you have the following details to hand so we can get a fitter out to you as swiftly as possible:

  • The name of your insurer (important)
  • Your insurance policy number (also important)
  • The expiry date of your policy (really important!)

If you are claiming on your insurance, it’s standard practice for you to pay your excess to the fitter upon completion of your job and then you can happily leave the rest to us.

Windscreen repairs are often FREE.

That’s right, windscreen repairs – that’s where you have a chip in your windscreen and we need to get to you before it turns in to a crack (said with a slight brummy accent) – are often free if you’re fully comprehensively insured. Give us a call and we’ll see if we can do the repair for nothing for you.

The number? Wakefield 0192 4847833